Take advantage of reduced parking rates at Parking Clémenceau (350 metres).
Information and reservations:

If you exceed your parking time, you will be charged according to the car park's current rates.

When you arrive at the car park :
Keep the ticket issued by the entry terminal. It will allow you to enter and leave the car park as you wish throughout your stay. Simply insert it in the exit terminal (left-hand terminal) and insert it in the entrance terminal.

To drop off your bags at the hotel :
Go to the terminal on rue Franklin. Press the intercom and identify yourself as a guest using your access code.
The access code varies from week to week, so it is impossible for us to give it to you in advance. To find out, please contact us the day before your arrival on +33 5 56 51 21 83 or by return e-mail.

Every first Sunday of the month (except July and August),
Bordeaux residents can get a breath of fresh air with a car-free day in the city centre.
A municipal by-law prohibits all car traffic in a defined area on this day:
- Between 10am and 6pm from November to February
- Between 10am and 7pm from March to October
We therefore advise you to park directly in the car park.

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